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  • For a single day event, enter the Start Date, Start Time and End Time only. Do not enter an End Date.
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  • If the event runs consecutively for several days, enter an End Date for the last day of the event.
  • For events that occur on various non-consecutive dates, re-submit the form for each event date individually.
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Radio Kansas seeks to inform listeners and website visitors of area events in the arts and humanities. Tickets for featured events must be available to the general public. Programs limited to season ticket holders or students-only do not qualify for broadcast exposure.

For obvious reasons, submissions are reviewed before inclusion on the Radio Kansas web site. Since time resources are limited, submission via this form is very much appreciated. E-mail or USPS submissions are accepted, but review cannot be guaranteed.

To allow adequate review time, please submit your event at least 7 days in advance. Because of the additional lead time required for scripting and recording, on-air exposure is reserved for submissions offered at least 14 days in advance. Any submission may be rejected at the discretion of the reviewer without further notice.

For assistance in revising a previously submitted entry, please contact Rosemary Sayers at rsayers@radiokansas.org.