Stocks, bonds, real estate, and perhaps some other items like artwork, give donors the opportunity to give generously, while saving greatly on taxes. These items may have appreciated tremendously over the years. If they are sold, the capital gains tax will be very large. But by donating them to Radio Kansas, the capital gains tax can be avoided completely, AND you may deduct the full current value for this year's taxes, within the IRS guidelines. It's a great solution for everyone.

   Stocks and Bonds

Richard and Martha Hamilton

   Richard and Martha Hamilton of Hutchinson have been longtime supporters of Radio Kansas. Dick is the retired president of Consolidated Manufacturing. Now that he's retired he has the time to volunteer at Radio Kansas. His favorite job here: answering the phone during fundraisers. Martha continues to put much of her energy into her passion of more than 60 years, painting. She is one of the outstanding artists in the region and is frequently featured in gallery showings. She and Dick frequently attend her showings around the area.

   The Hamiltons have chosen to support Radio Kansas through the donation of stock shares in recent years. "Our decision to donate stocks instead of cash involved a number of factors," Dick said. "First, we had owned the stock for many years, so it had appreciated a great deal. If we had sold the stock we would have had to pay capital gains tax on the gain. By donating to Radio Kansas we avoided paying this tax and still could deduct the full market value of the shares on our tax return. We felt we could be more generous in giving to Radio Kansas in doing it this way rather than giving cash. And, just as important, we had the satisfaction of knowing that we were helping our favorite radio station."

   Real Estate

   The donation of a home or farmland is another great way to support Radio Kansas. Substantial tax savings can be realized with real estate which has risen in value over the years. Even for a donor who doesn't feel they can offer much support; the gift of real estate is certainly a way to make an important contribution. There is also a unique way to give a home, receive a tax deduction, but keep using the home the rest of your life. This is called Life Estate. Details can be found here.

   Farmers frequently take advantage of a different way to avoid taxes while greatly supporting Radio Kansas. They donate amounts of wheat, beans, corn or other crops directly to Radio Kansas. This donation removes the income completely from their taxes and when sold, the donation helps the radio station.


For more information, contact Sharon Webb at 1-800-723-4657

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