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Radio Kansas in Digital Fidelity on the Web!

New streaming servers. Better Sound.

We're pleased to present our full-service FM signal, our folk music channel, NewGrass Valley, and our contemporary instrumental channel The Breeze via internet streaming! 

All of these streams are powered by your Radio Kansas membership, and are intended to extend our service to members. Everyone's welcome to listen prior to contributing, but please consider helping us present the stations you use!

Due to new requirements for secure streams which were not possible with our streaming servers, we moved to a new server at the beginning of September. This change also allows us to stream in a format known as HLS (http live streaming). This format has become one of the most common formats today. It works with most browsers (using an extension) and plays on almost all mobile devices. It's compatable with Windows machines and Apple devices. Many media players play it such as VideoLAN's VLC Player, Nullsoft's Winamp, some versions of Windows Media Player, and Mac iTunes.

If you have questions, please contact by email station manager Ken Baker or for technical questions, Ric Jung. To speak with us by phone, we're available during business hours at 800-723-4657.

How should I listen now?

A. Listen in your browser (Firefox or Chrome)

Browsers today, like Firefox and Chrome, don't come with built-in players for audio streaming. They expect you to add one that you chose from a list of suppliers. We have found a free extension that works well in your Firefox or Chrome browser.

To add an extension to Chrome, start by clicking on the "Apps" button at the top left. Go the Web Store and search the store for m3u8. Be sure to check the radio box "Extensions". You will see a long list of these extensions on the right. Look for "Native HLS Playback". Click "Add to Chrome" and follow the instructions.

To add an extension to Firefox, click on the the 3 parallel lines at top right. Go to "Add-ons" and then on the left, pick extensions. A search box is provided at top next to "Find more extensions". Search for the characters m3u8. When the search results show, chose an extension called "Native HLS Playback". Install this.

With this extension in place, click on our streaming links and another tab will open that will play the stream in your browser. You're free to open other tabs and use the browser and the stream will not be interrupted until you close the stream tab.

We don't use Windows Media Player. Its available on Windows computers but as we attempt to use it, it is always problematic.

B. Listen in a stand-alone Player on your computer/phone/tablet

Our recommended stand-alone player is VideoLAN's VLC. It is free, robust and can be loaded on most computers, tablets and smartphones. Here is the VLC download on the official VideoLAN web site:    VLC download here

Our Streams

Radio Kansas FM & HD1Our full-service FM station
Radio Kansas HD1

Radio Kansas HD2
NewGrass Valley - our roots music station, running the gamut from folk to bluegrass to modern acoustic music from traditional forms. Radio Kansas HD1

Radio Kansas HD3
The Breeze with your favorites from Nightcrossings, Tranquility Bass and Music from the Hearts of Space 24 hours per day!
Radio Kansas HD1

Note on using VLC Media Player:
To play these streams above, you might wonder how to access them in your player.

Open VLC, choose "Media", then "Open Network Stream". In the box under "Please enter a network URL:", type exactly the following:

For HD1 type
For HD2 type
For HD3 type

Then click the "Play" button. Your sound should start within a few seconds.