Apr 23, 2014 - 6:36 PM

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Please Contribute Today
Radio Kansas listeners encourage your support!
Thanks for your support.

More than half of the funds required to bring you public radio come from listeners like you. Thanks!

Please tell us in the comment section what show you’d like to support with your donation.

If you would rather telephone your pledge, call 1-800-723-4657 during business hours (8am - 5pm, M-F).
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Our members contribute to Radio Kansas with either a one-time Gift Pledge or as monthly sustaining members.

A monthly sustainer is a member that makes an on-going monthly commitment
of $10 or more using automatic bank withdrawals or a credit card.
Sustaining memberships do not need renewal and may always be canceled on request.
I want to make a one-time pledge in the following amount. I want to become a monthly Sustainer in the following amount.
$1,000 Leadership Circle $84 Leadership Circle
$500 Personal Underwriter $42 Personal Underwriter
$360 Day Sponsor $30 Day Sponsor
$300 Classical Preservation                     Society $25 Classical Preservation
$240 Golden Listener $20 Golden Listener
$180 Producer $15 Producer
$120 Family $10 Family
$60 Individual  
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Sustainers are eligible for a special thank you, the Sustainers Club mug.

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A signature card will be sent to initiate your payments. Withdrawals occur on the 5th of the month or next business day.
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    Comments: Please use my contribution for these favorite programs.

There’s no contribution required to enter any drawing, but it is a fundraising effort, after all, so we hope you’ll be as generous as possible.