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The Breeze HD3

Radio Kansas originates The Breeze online and via HD3

We demonstrate our commitment to Nightcrossings with a station broadcasting in the Wichita area via HD Radio technology! It's The Breeze on Radio Kansas HD3. We also bring this same mix of Nightcrossings, Hearts of Space and Tranquility Bass favorites to the web all day long! Follow the show at Facebook.com/BreezeHD.


The Breeze and Radio Kansas HD3 over an evening wheat field To listen to The Breeze online right now, just click the button to the left. Carry this same button with you by bookmarking radiokansas.net/listen on your mobile device!

For track information, simply note the time and contact us via requests@radiokansas.net, or for immediate info, use the mobile apps Shazam or SoundHound. We maximize your success with these magical apps by keeping our sound quality as high as possible!

To enjoy The Breeze over the air, make sure your next radio has the official HD Radio logo, indicating that this digital technology is inside.